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Who can you date in persona 3 and how many can you date i heard the male character can date up to seven wemon at a time but the female character only has three choices of who to date, and they can only date one man. Persona 3 has stood the test of time, in no small effort due to atlas’s renewed efforts to make the title more approachable with multiple releases and ports its great story, charming cast of characters, simple-yet-tactical combat system and unique social mechanics truly make it one of the pioneers of the genre. Persona 3 fes dating guide the tao of badass - dating advice for men review if you are searching for persona 3 fes dating guide. Persona 3 - meet the social links i've been playing more persona recently, and i've also been writing more persona recently this way-too-damn-long article goes into persona 3's social links in detail too much detail but hey, if you obsess about the persona games as much as i do, then i'm here for you.

Filter: clear personae level name arcana 68: abaddon: devil: 56: alice: death: 84: alilat: empress: 6: alp: lovers. Version differences-persona 3: fes is on the ps2, has 3d environments, and a grindy-y second campaign called the answer -persona 3 portable is on the psp, and has a female main character option and several balance changes, including being able to directly control your party. Persona 3 portable dating so it's very easy for them to get angry with you yes, you can date all or multiple girls at once, but it's very hard it's better to max out one social link at a time as far as how long it takes to recover a relationship, you generally need to find and get them to agree to spend time with you, and then.

Shin megami tensei: persona 3 - walkthrough/guide. For shin megami tensei: persona 3 portable on the psp, a gamefaqs message board topic titled dating (as male mc). Persona 3 portable dating multiple may 15, 2018 jenna 0 comment “the batman phenomena gives me great satisfaction to realize that i have millions of fans persona 3 portable dating multiple.

For shin megami tensei: persona 3 portable on the psp, a gamefaqs message board topic titled dating akihiko (all the steps).

Shin megami tensei persona 3 portable [u] cw cheats by tj panganiban • july 08, 2010 • psp cheats • comments : 22 everybody's been waiting for this game for a while now i know, i was waiting for this too if this was the dark hour, maaaaan okay, enough chitchat this post made possible by the kirijo corporation enjoy the cheats below. Girls in persona 3 spoiler warning discussion in 'persona / shin megami tensei' started by happyperson915, jan 16, 2008. Persona 3 portable only includes the story of the original persona 3 [87] however, general changes have been made to the plot, regardless of character choice.

For shin megami tensei: persona 3 portable on the psp, a gamefaqs message board topic titled social link question. Persona 3 portable shin megami tensei: persona 3 portable (ペルソナ3 ポータブル, perusona surī pōtaburu), an enhanced port of persona 3 for the playstation portable, was released in japan on november 1, 2009, and released in north america on july 6, 2010 it came out to most of europe on april 29, 2011 and the uk on april 28, 2011.

For shin megami tensei: persona 3 portable on the psp, a gamefaqs message board topic titled how do i advance social links without getting dragged into a relationship. Persona 4 and persona 3 portable added the ability to take take direct control over allies, eliminating this problem whoever is in charge of healing will usually wait until someone has lost at least 20 to 30 percent of their hit points before healing them rather than keeping everyone at perfect health all the time.

Persona 3 portable in a shell of a nut consequences of having a harem in persona 4 (not golden) (selfmegaten) submitted 2 years ago by fluffy56547 so, basically, are there any consequences to dating multiple girls in persona 4, not persona 4 golden i know in golden you have that sad valentine's day, but is that in persona 4 (original. Persona 3 portable dating 'she might get upset if you date another girl' by accident i got both yuko and yukari at this stage at the same time, so what will happen when i date one will the other find out and get upset or how long will it take to recover the relationship i've.

Persona 3 portable dating multiple
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